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Written by Anna Van Wagoner.

The First Annual Birth Activist Retreat occurred June 22-24 at The Farm in Tennessee, this was an inspiring and transformative experience for all who attended!   Remember when we talked about finding Safety in Numbers?  Well, after meeting 75 activists from 29 states and two countries at the retreat, we’re feeling unstoppable!  We laid the groundwork for a full scale Birth Revolution.  The first event will be National Rally for Change this coming Labor Day  to raise awareness about the skyrocketing Cesarean Section and elective induction rates.

For a taste of what it was like to be at the retreat, check out our little video:

Where’s My Midwife? will continue as a separate organization. We are currently working on a toolkit that can be sent to communities who have experienced a loss in midwifery services. This toolkit will enable these communities to hit the ground running and organize their masses in effecting change and educating the public.

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